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Help! How Do I Save My Business’s Flooring from Water Damage?

8/12/2020 (Permalink)

green hoses, brick and sheet metal walls in a factory You Can Trust the Expertise, Training, and Cutting-Edge Equipment from SERVPRO to Cleanup and Restore Your Pensacola Water Damaged Property

SERVPRO Professionals Use Commercial-Grade Tools and OSHA-Approved Solutions to Remove Water Damage from Pensacola Businesses

You may not be considering the state of your Pensacola business’s floor every day. Still, in the event of a pipe leak, faucet overflow, toilet backup, or other water-related disasters, it is essential to have a plan in place for restoring your floors to a clean and safe state.

SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to address commercial water damage concerns for Pensacola businesses. These technicians ensure that cleanup is done to code as well as per industry standards outlined by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Your local SERVPRO is also licensed to offer mold remediation services (license #MRSR 2768) and biohazard cleanup (license #17-64-1560497).

SERVPRO Technologies are Designed to Eliminate Water Damage

SERVPRO relies on a blend of tried-and-true techniques, sophisticated technologies, and a scientific approach to ensure that businesses receive comprehensive restoration after a disaster.

  • Moisture detection technologies include specially-calibrated sensors and meters, infrared imaging, and thermo-hygrometers.
  • Water extraction tools include portable extraction units, truck-mounted extractors, and rovers for carpeting.
  • Structural drying equipment consists of powerful centrifugal air movers and commercial-grade dehumidification.
  • Water- and solvent-based deodorizers, as well as fogging systems, scented granules, sprays, and injection systems.

After performing mitigation services, SERVPRO teams and subcontractors can perform the necessary restoration tasks to return your facilities to a condition safe for day-to-day operations.

What Signs of Water Damage Should I Look Out For in My Floors?

  • Do you notice any soft spots or unusual dips in the flooring when walking through the facility?
  • Are these locations near plumbing or fixtures that handle large amounts of water?
  • Have you, your customers, or your staff observed an increase in humidity or unpleasantly musty odors recently?
  • If you pay the water bill for your facilities, has that increased unexpectedly despite water consumption remaining the same?

If you suspect that there is water damage on your Pensacola property, consider having a professional inspection performed as soon as possible. The more quickly you can take care of the damage, the more likely it is that you can salvage your subflooring and preserve indoor air quality.

How Do Commercial Flooring Solutions Handle Water Damage?

Pensacola business owners looking for more information on flooring for their property or considering implementing new flooring should consider the following:

  • Commercial hardwood is a highly effective and durable flooring solution, particularly for the cost. In many water damage situations that affect your business’s floors, planks can be restored, reinstalled, and refinished as needed.
  • Laminate and engineered wood floors, meanwhile, tend not to hold up as well to water damage compared to solid hardwood. In situations where planks have been affected, the plywood can quickly warp, buckle, or crack. These types of flooring are often more cost-effective and safe to replace rather than repair.
  • Concrete floors with vapor barrier sealants implemented on top make for easy cleaning, but water can spread and instead penetrate nearby crevices in walls and baseboards. Unsealed or damaged concrete, meanwhile, can quickly develop deeper cracks and efflorescence.
  • Ceramic tiles, such as those in restaurants and kitchens, can handle most damage well. However, the grout can stain, swell, or even become susceptible to mold growth.
  • Carpeting, whether in full sheets or tiles, can withstand some saturation and can often be restored in clean water damage situations. However, water saturation and moisture extraction do weaken the carpet and can run the risk of the pad and carpeting separating from one another.

What Tools Does SERVPRO Use for Odor Control in a Water Damage Situation?

SERVPRO Odor Control Technicians (OCTs) have a broad repertoire of tools at their disposal for handling water damage odors in a commercial space. These solutions include:

  • EPA-registered antimicrobials address a broad spectrum of odor-causing particles with a high rate of success,
  • Ultra-low volume foggers designed to disperse deodorizers so that they penetrate surfaces like water saturating surfaces.
  • Ventilation box fans designed to circulate as much as 3,200 cubic feet per minute. Air is exchanged approximately 40 times both before and after deodorizing.
  • Injecting water-damaged carpet and upholstery with deodorizers
  • Using hand pumps or sprays to dispense disinfectant solutions, which can aid in curbing odors.

SERVPRO of West Pensacola can return your business to a state that looks, “Like it never even happened.” Contact your local mitigation team at (850) 469-1160.

Can One Flood Damage Recovery Resource Help Me with Both Primary and Secondary Damage in Pensacola?

6/17/2020 (Permalink)

green mobile app screen SERVPROs ERP mobile app can help you situate the restoration process of the storm damage to your Pensacola business.

Specialized Trained and Licenses Allow SERVPRO to Help Pensacola Businesses Deal with Flood Damage Recovery Surprises

Flooding in your Pensacola business is already enough of a crisis. Unfortunately, as professionals mitigate and remediate the harm, it is not uncommon for owners to confront snags in the process. If the flood waters unleash compounding factors during the onslaught and the recovery, you need a restoration partner who can adapt their response to any unexpected twists and turns when secondary damage occurs.

What Are Examples of Secondary Damage or Discovered Hazards?

Your commercial building might harbor hidden materials brought to light during flood damage after a Pensacola area storm. When structural components break, erode, or strip away protective coverings during the rush of water or attempts to restore the chaos, the process might need to come to a halt. If the following materials are discovered a change in the recovery plan is necessary:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead painted surfaces
  • A wide range of chemicals, stored or swept inside, now contaminating the flood water
  • Mold growth

How Can I Handle the Presence of Biohazards and Mold Discovered During the Flood Recovery Process?

When SERVPRO is your commercial flood damage recovery contractor in Pensacola, the unveiling of biohazards and mold triggers the inclusion of remediation phases for each challenge. Our team includes trained, licensed, and experienced managers and technicians who can jump in whenever needed to secure the scene and take care of the interruption. We commit to:

  • Containing the affected spaces and the hazardous substances
  • Collecting the harmful materials, residues, and contaminated fluids
  • Disposing of the mold and biohazards as required under local regulations

Rely on SERVPRO of West Pensacola to recognize new issues mid-project and integrate their resolution into the overarching restoration plan. Call on us at (850) 469-1160 for a full-spectrum of services to get you back in business fast after flood damage.

Contractor Licenses:

Mold Remediation: MRSR 2768

Biohazard: 17-64-1560497

Whom Do Businesses Turn to For Flood Repair in Pensacola?

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

Office flooded out Don't let your business miss an opportunity to open back up as fast as you can. Call the SERVPRO team in your local Pensacola area.

SERVPRO Operates Commercial Flood Damage Restoration for Local Businesses in Need of Assistance

How do Businesses Survive Temporary Flood Closure?

Most Pensacola business owners can protect their bottom line by enacting their business insurance policy. Floods can cause excessive harm to your business property due to structural damage as well as impacting revenues through closure. If flooding is beyond your control, you may be able to secure insurance to cover losses. It is equally vital to obtain a reputable commercial restorer to mitigate further losses while repairing both structure and contents. SERVPRO has substantial business experience working with this community, and we can provide both technicians and a crew chief for you to communicate with throughout service. Our technicians hold qualifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) body that allow us to perform responsible water mitigation.

What services do I need for Flood restoration?

Performing commercial flood damage restoration in your Pensacola business premises may present several unique challenges. These could include repairing the structure, performing emergency mitigation, securing the property, and putting in place a drying strategy. You may also need personnel with the ability to mitigate against mold or other secondary harms. Our roster of technicians includes experts in water restoration (WRT), applied structural drying (ASD), and working with harmful materials like lead-based paint abatement (RRRP). Given that many business premises may date back to the twentieth century, the likelihood of finding toxic elements in your building's construction is high. Our in-house RRRP technicians can safely work around potentially harmful substances meaning you only have to deal with one point of contact throughout service. 

How do I know if lead-based paint is in my business premises?

- Find out when your building was built to discover whether lead-based paints could be used

- Inspect the paintwork in some areas. It is typically quite quick

- Do not disturb any walls where you expect there to be the presence of lead-based paint

- Contact a professional restorer if you suspect lead paint

How do you abate lead-based paint?

Lead-based paints are not harmful in the day to day environment of your premises. However, there may be significant harm to walls in a flood situation, or you may need to remove drywall to deal with water contamination. Lead becomes dangerous when it is disturbed. Disturbing lead releases fine grains into the air, which can be health hazards. Proper lead abatement requires first and foremost the correct safety equipment. This equipment includes filtered respiratory equipment to avoid the spread. We may also need to apply negative air pressure to the affected area to prevent lead dust from spreading throughout the home. If you have lead paint in your business premises, you need a qualified lead abatement specialist to solve the situation.

What are the dangers of flooding in my business premises?

- Water contamination which could include raw sewage, sewer gases, pathogens and silt

- A weakening of the structure of the building following massive amounts of water intrusion

- Electrical malfunctions both in the wiring of your building as well as any electrical equipment

- Slip and trip hazards which may be less noticeable with large amounts of water or grime in the premises

- Insecurity due to broken windows, doors or roofing

What are the essential steps in commercial flood restoration?

The most crucial step that we take in flood restoration is to limit potential losses. There is a window of opportunity during the first seventy-two-hours to contain damages efficiently. In these early three days, our technicians can rapidly reduce standing water levels. We may also perform extensive decontamination of the affected area and isolate contents that have exposure to contaminated floodwater. Following the remediation of the affected area, we can then put in place the necessary drying protocols to prevent mold growth. While drying occurs, our technicians can deploy dehumidifiers to maintain control over the psychrometry of your structure and inhibit further damage. 

What is the difference between commercial and residential flood restoration?

Many of the tools we use in restoration are the same regardless of working in a commercial or residential structure. However, one key difference is the size of the equipment we use as well as the number of human resources needed to restore a more massive structure. We may use external dehumidifiers and air movers to control the psychrometry of enormous spaces. At SERVPRO, we recognize the importance of re-opening for commercial premises and can work efficiently with the premises manager to ensure our projections are accurate and your business returns to a preloss condition.

If your business is facing temporary closure as the result of a flooding emergency, you can enlist professional assistance in as little as four hours of notification of loss. Contact SERVPRO of West Pensacola at (850) 469-1160 now.

Are You a Restaurant in Perdido Key Dealing with Possible Mold Damage?

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

Perdido Key Restaurant Mold Damage Repair Mold problems in the back of your restaurant can quickly seep out to the main dining area. Contact SERVPRO if you suspect mold.

Waiting and Wondering Only Makes Things Worse. SERVPRO Can Arrive Quickly to Root Out the Cause of Your Commercial Mold Infestation Problem

Mold is highly unwelcome in any workplace, but for those of you working behind the doors of a Perdido Key restaurant, discovering mold can be especially horrifying. You have to make arrangements to quarantine food products and prevent exposure during business hours.  

Choosing the right company to handle the mold damage in your Perdido Key restaurant makes mold easier to control. A mold remediation expert makes the worst effects caused by mold contamination manageable while offering restoration services to limit any losses you might experience.

Thinking that your restaurant is immune to mold contamination can be your worst mistake. With all of the customers coming and going throughout the day, high-volume restaurants offer just the sort of environment mold enjoys. All it takes is moisture of any kind, dim lights, and a relatively low traffic area to accumulate mold without anyone noticing.  

SERVPRO technicians can help you understand where mold likes to grow and give you the tools needed to identify problems early. Mold can develop anywhere in your kitchen, under the sink, behind the fridge, in ceiling tiles, and storage areas. The ventilation system can also become contaminated, releasing mold spores throughout your building every time you turn it on.  

Operating a restaurant helps you understand how important keeping the visible areas of your establishment clean can be. However, focusing your efforts primarily on what customers can see also places you into prime candidacy for health code violations and failed cleaning inspections, those that fail to check the hidden areas of their building, also risk dealing with an enormous mold situation.

SERVPRO can make all of the necessary services available, working after hours, avoiding peak times to help prevent loss of revenue when at all possible. With a full inspection of your property, our technicians can assess the extent of mold growing in your building and present you with a detailed outline of how your mold remediation should progress.  

SERVPRO of West Pensacola takes mold remediation seriously, providing excellent services to business owners throughout Pensacola, Goulding, and Sanders Beach, 24/7, call today. (850) 469-1160

For more information regarding Perdido Key, click here.

Whom Do I Call to Remove Water from My Office?

4/5/2020 (Permalink)

three SERVPRO techs in PPE drying offices SERVPRO Green Fleet At a Commercial Water Loss Site in Pensacola--On the Job!

SERVPRO Says--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster--Call Them!

SERVPRO professionals have practical tools and efficient solutions for removing water and drying structural elements in your Pensacola office to get you back in business quickly.

Water Removal Emergency?

With substantial water loss situations that can affect your Pensacola office building, multiple threats exist from the impact to the staff to the damage to your equipment and records. How you respond to these emergencies can be the difference in how much restoration costs and how long the recovery efforts take. With all that you have at stake and the impact that such an emergency can have on your customers and clients as well, many choose to reach out to our experienced team as soon as disasters occur.

How Bad Is the Water Damage?

  • First Notice of Loss
  • Initial Job Scoping
  • Real-Time Drying Decisions

Understanding the severity and pressing needs for services like water removal to Pensacola offices begins with the initial phone call that you make to our emergency line. This staffed response line allows you to speak with a real person about the disaster and what areas of your business have become affected. During this first notice of loss (FNOL), representatives from our SERVPRO team acquire as much information as possible to direct our emergency response team to the tools, devices, and necessary personnel to address the situation your office faces.

While we can gather considerable helpful information in the initial conversations with the client before we arrive to begin vital mitigation efforts, job scoping is still one of the most critical aspects of the restoration process. Here, our project manager and crew chief can determine the best methods to protect the rest of your building and most efficiently manage the current situation to dry and restore the office spaces as soon as possible.

Hundreds of on-site drying decisions make up the mitigation process. While extraction and drying are the heart of restoration in these earliest stages, our technicians must catalog total losses and determine which materials, contents, documents, and furniture might not be salvageable by our techniques. Unsalvageable materials get discarded to prevent them from affecting other areas of the office while restoration gets underway.

What is Content Management, and Why Does SERVPRO Do It?

  • Protect Important Documents
  • Prevent Irreparable Damage to Furniture and Equipment
  • Keep You in Business Through the Restoration

Content management is a component of water restoration for Pensacola office buildings that focuses on the good that our responding technicians can do for loose items and documents in the damaged space. Protecting essential documents and records stored in cabinets throughout the building is often one of the most critical processes of our response to offices, as hard copies contain sensitive details regarding customers and clients and a history of the actions your firm has taken in recent years. Even with freeze-drying capabilities with our SERVPRO response, the most significant successes in protecting documentation involve removing paperwork from the damaged areas.

Protecting your equipment and furniture is another important step in content management. These items are often a substantial investment that your company has made, so allowing water loss incidents to ruin these contents can be in many ways costlier than the expense of restoration. Relocating these items to another area of the building can help to reduce the exposure while drying and cleanup get underway.

It is always our priority to keep you in business throughout the restoration process, and content management is one of the solutions to provide this outcome. By relocating vital equipment and furniture, you can continue your normal functionality of the office in a limited capacity.

What Are Some of the Tools Used in Effective Extraction?

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Wet-Vacuums
  • Carpet Wands

Water losses can be damaging to contents and structural elements throughout your Pensacola office building, so addressing the surface water quickly is vital to restoring your business. Submersible pumps are not always necessary when our SERVPRO team arrives quickly at the first notice of the damage, but when significant pooling occurs, electric submersible pumps can move high volumes of water quickly from the damaged areas.

Wet vacuums are often the star of extraction when substantial surface water might not be a concern. In situations where standing water is less than two inches, this versatile and mobile solution can provide powerful suction to remove pockets of pooled water for more efficient and effective drying to follow.

Because your office likely features short-pile carpeting, our SERVPRO team needs to arrive with solutions to address the saturation of this material as well. Wet carpets can deteriorate and mold when they are not dried out promptly, so this process begins with the extraction of trapped water caught in the fibers. Carpet wands can help to remove the majority of this water from the surface layer and padding underneath it.

What Happens Once We Remove the Surface Water?

  • Evaporative Drying
  • Floating Carpets
  • Move-Back

Once extraction has taken place in your office building, our professionals can move immediately towards the evaporative drying needs of the structure. Efficient and effective drying practices can protect your Pensacola business, its contents, and reduce the need for you to suspend your services until restoration completes. In most cases, the heart of drying falls on the capable shoulders of equipment like our air movers and dehumidifiers.

Low profile centrifugal air movers can help in processes like floating carpets, which can be a vital restoration component when replacing flooring is not necessary. The floating process positions an air mover between the carpet and padding layers to force heated air through both of these saturated layers and maximize the evaporation in these damaged areas.

Once the area has gotten dried and cleaned thoroughly following a water loss incident, we can focus on returning removed belongings to the previously damaged areas. This added measure ensures that we can leave a job more “Like it never even happened.”

There are many considerations when water loss incidents occur in your area office building. Our SERVPRO of West Pensacola team can help you overcome these threats and damages with a prompt response with experienced professionals. Give us a call anytime at (850) 469-1160.

Is Your Pensacola Business Fully Protected?

3/16/2020 (Permalink)

Three SERVPRO vehicles parked in front of a building. Don’t lose sight when it comes to your Pensacola water damage in your business. Call SERVPRO today.

If your Pensacola business has a water damage are you ready to take action? 

Business owners in Pensacola are not new to the devastating effects of water. Floods, storms, and hurricanes can wreak havoc on any given year, and most people plan for such events. However, we may sometimes lose sight of those events that slowly compromise our livelihood. For example, a slow but consistent leak that goes undetected for weeks or months can become the epicenter of a long line of issues affecting your business. At worse, they can even give you a reason to suspend operations, losing revenue for as long as you remain closed.

Pensacola businesses needed water removal services in their commercial establishments to have the advantage of having SERVPRO right within their community. Our technicians work diligently to identify the source of the leak and remediate the damage. We also see further along in time and focus on anticipating other complications, such as mold, and take preemptive action now. As soon as you suspect, there is excess moisture in your business, call our 24/7 line and allow us to examine the premises and make recommendations regarding the next steps.

As our SERVPRO team examines your place of work, we may immediately section off some areas to avoid cross-contamination and limit traffic into affected areas. As we commence the water extraction process, we continuously monitor humidity levels and remove any materials that can slow down the drying process. Porous surfaces such as upholstery and carpets can hinder our progress, so we weigh the cost and benefit of restoring in the site, relocating to a staging area, or entirely discarding the item. The average consumer may forget that to protect the space, air ducts and ventilation need to be inspected as well. Our SERVPRO crew pays close attention to the presence of airborne bacteria that could, in time, increase and pose a health hazard in the future. Our team will guide your decision-making by relying on their professional observations and the data gathered by instruments specifically designed for water restoration purposes.

SERVPRO of West Pensacola is here to help. Call us at (850) 469-1160 as soon as you detect the emergency, and let us be on your team. As we work with you to minimize your loss of time and money, you will realize that, like you, we want to leave your place "Like it never even happened."

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We Have The Experience And Equipment Necessary To Restore Your Pensacola Business After A Flood

1/16/2020 (Permalink)

A stack of our dryers against a wall We are equipped with state-of-the-art dryers and air movers to restore your business as quickly as possible. Our experts are available 24/7.

Restoring Post-Storm Flooding in Pensacola Hair Salon

Flooding in your Pensacola salon can have disastrous effects on the materials that become exposed to the migrating water. While there are immediate concerns that might exist, including temporarily repairing roof damages or structural vulnerabilities, standing water against any surface can eventually do it harm. Vinyl tiles, for example, might not be immediately susceptible to water absorption but can warp and distort after prolonged exposure.

Choosing vinyl tile flooring in your salon was a wise choice for its initial surface water resistance, but the material can succumb to flood damage in your Pensacola business. Our SERVPRO professionals must prioritize mitigation tactics like extraction and cleanup to help protect this exposed flooring and the mounted seats in the respective stations for the stylists.

Extraction must be the first step for any standing water that exists on the shop floor of your salon. The longer direct exposure persists, the more irreparable damage it can cause. While vinyl tiles offer a tight seal from one installed unit to the next, the flooring is not impenetrable when owners do not immediately address exposure concerns. Because of its long discharge lines and consistent draw of standing water, our SERVPRO team relies on equipment like our electric sump pumps to begin reducing the water level in the affected area of the shop.

Once the extraction completes, our technicians can get a look at the flood damage to the flooring materials to determine the likelihood of successful restoration. When drying is possible, namely, when no warping or swelling exists around the tile seams, we can lay out drying mats and deploy air movers to remove trapped moisture from the individual tiles and plywood subflooring. If controlled demolition is necessary, we have an in-house team of experienced general contractors to help get you back in business as promptly as possible.  

From the damage that could result to mounted chairs in the stylist stations to the installed vinyl tile flooring on the main shop floor and waiting area, flooding can be a devastating force. Our SERVPRO of West Pensacola professionals have experience and equipment to make these disasters “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (850) 469-1160.

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Professionally Administered Fire and Smoke Recovery in Goulding Is a Cornerstone of SERVPRO's Business Model

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Box Truck and Van Parked at Commercial Building at Night Day or Night, SERVPRO Can Arrive for Fire Damage Emergencies in the Goulding Area

Steps that Streamline Recovery After Commercial Fire Damage Affects a Goulding Bookstore  

If a fire starts in a bookstore, contents such as books and plastics in digital media can keep the flames alive for several hours. Even when the fire is controlled in time, extensive damages can still occur from the thick smoke the materials produce, the water used to quell the flames or actions by firefighters such as punching through walls to access the seat of the fire. We offer professional restoration in Goulding, streamlining the recovery process.

It is a positive outcome when an incident of commercial fire damage in a Goulding bookstore does not consume the entire structure. However, the restoration process is very involving, requiring time and resources to get the job done. Debris removal and sorting salvageable and unsalvageable materials are some of the tedious processes involved. Our SERVPRO technicians work faster by using electronic CCIS, Content Claim Inventory Service, which helps keep streamlined records, including where individual items were before restoration starts.

Protecting your bookstore from further damages is essential. Damages can be from weather elements or vandals who might take the fire incident as a chance to score free stuff from your store. Boarding up all exterior openings is a great way to do this. Our SERVPRO technicians use different approaches to board up your property. We can use a coverall approach whereby we attach plywood panels to the surfaces around the opening. We can also cut the plywood to fit into the opening or use bolt-with-tension approach whereby the boards in the exterior are bolted to two-by-fours in the interior of the structure, thus offering better security.

Cleaning up the entire store is an essential part of the restoration process. The cleanup process might not be uniform because of the different materials in various parts of the structure. Floor materials such as tiles or concrete are easy to clean through processes such as pressure washing. Other materials such as acoustic ceiling tiles might present some challenges, especially since wet cleaning can damage them further. Our SERVPRO technicians use specialized cleaning techniques such as peroxide active cleaning to deal with exceptional materials. We also have light and heavy-duty cleaning agents for various cleaning tasks.

Each fire loss situation is unique, which can hamper restoration. Call SERVPRO of West Pensacola at (850) 469-1160 to help run a streamlined recovery process. with our resources, we can make it, "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Fire Damage Experts In Pensacola Describe How An Ozone Generator Works

8/23/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO West Pensacola workers, working in a clothing store that has fire damage. Don’t take on your commercial fire damage odor alone, SERVPRO is always here to help.

Let us help you with your commercial fire odor damage in Pensacola.

Even though it is not really common, it is still possible that something can burn inside your Pensacola clothing store or in a unit next to it. Even the smallest blazes can cause your place of business to suffer from commercial fire damage. Any time an inferno ignites, the partially combusted particles get released into the atmosphere in the form of smoke. Smoke can penetrate deep into porous materials and cause odor problems.

If something burns in a unit next to yours, smoke can still cause your clothing store problems. Whenever we mitigate any commercial fire damage project in Pensacola, our SERVPRO technicians thoroughly inspect your building for potential issues. When smoke travels through a structure, it often leaves behind soils and soot residues.

However, after all of the burnt items and soot residues and soils have been removed, sometimes foul odors can still exist. In these cases, our SERVPRO technicians can take further steps to deodorize your building. In some situations, we use an ultra-low volume fogger or thermal fogging system to dispense deodorant into the air. These systems are designed so that they break chemicals down so that they mimic the behavior of smoke.

Another popular tool used to deodorize smoke-like smells is an ozone generator. The portable ozone machine is often used in the restoration industry to eliminate many different types of odors. The machine does this by releasing unstable oxygen molecules consisting of three oxygen atoms. Ozone chemically reacts with odor-causing molecules to oxidize residues and remove the odors.

When deodorizing your clothing store, our SERVPRO team keeps in mind that both your building materials and contents could have been negatively affected by unpleasant aromas. In many cases, we remove your clothing from your racks and deodorize it in a different area than your building. Since ozone can be hazardous to humans, we treat your contents inside a sealed room and we set it up in your building only when it is not occupied.

Our portable ozone machines can put out up to 100 cubic feet per minute of ozone molecules. An ozone generator can handle a room up to 120,000 cubic feet. The unit has a timer that makes us able to set it from anywhere from one to twelve hours.

If your clothing store in Goulding, Myrtle Grove, or Perdido Key ever suffers from smoke damage, call SERVPRO of West Pensacola at (850) 469-1160 because we can provide fast 24/7 service.

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Don’t Let Water Cause Damage To Your Bait Shop In Pensacola, Call Our Crew For Help!

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

When time is of the essence, make a strategic decision by calling us at (850) 469-1160 and let us leave your store, “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage To Your Bait Shop In Pensacola

Among the numerous activities you can enjoy in Pensacola, fishing is one of the best. As a bait and tackle shop owner, you get to hear stories from your clients as you set them up to enjoy their fishing adventures. Customers rely on you for your product but also your advice and camaraderie whenever they need it. Closing down your shop, even for a few days, is detrimental to your bottom line and to fostering the loyalty of your patrons. When a burst pipe leaks into your shop, you must act quickly to reopen as soon as possible.

SERVPRO is at your service whenever you encounter water damage to your Pensacola bait shop. We are available around the clock to respond to your emergency; all you need to do is place the call. Like you, we want to protect your inventory and minimize the disruption to your day to day operations, which is why our water restoration technicians (WRT) move efficiently to extract water from your shop.

Before the arrival of our SERVPRO team, you may want to begin the process of moving items in the area affected to another spot. If you have bulky items that are hard to move, try to elevate them, so they do not absorb any more moisture from the wet floors. When in doubt, allow our expert WRT team to decide what and where things should be moved.

Some wet areas are easy to identify, but our SERVPRO crew utilizes industry-grade equipment to detect affected areas invisible to the naked eye. To find the hidden water, we may use thermal or infrared cameras, hygrometers, and moisture meters. These devices help us decide where to place drying equipment, including drying mats, air movers, and dehumidifiers to achieve full restoration of your shop.

Our team at SERVPRO of West Pensacola is your team too. When time is of the essence, make a strategic decision by calling us at (850) 469-1160 and let us leave your store, “Like it never even happened.”

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Initial Steps to Restore Your Fire-Damaged Pensacola Restaurant

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

We can get you back to work in a flash.

We can get you back to work the right way!

Fire loss incidents can happen without warning to any Pensacola business, but when it happens to one in the food and beverage industry like your restaurant, much more than the building is at stake. While your customers depend on you for quality dishes and a positive experience, an unspoken and primarily more important aspect also exists – these same customers depend on you to keep them safe inside your establishment. Even with ignitions that can get quickly contained, specific lingering effects pose threats to customers remaining on the premises. 

Despite all that you would think you know about overcoming disasters and cleaning up a Pensacola restaurant after fire damage, no two situations are ever the same. Our SERVPRO professionals helping to restore commercial properties throughout our region have determined that while all fire losses can share specific consequences, the spread and severity of these symptoms varies for each property. There are some initial steps you can take to help your business in this trying time as you wait for professional assistance to arrive: 

  • Contact professional restoration services like our SERVPRO team right after you reach out to your insurance provider. Our team can compile the necessary documentation for a smoother and more easily obtained damage claim. 
  • Air quality concerns can become severe threats to your staff and your customers. If effects have spread to the dining and communal areas, you might consider temporarily closing your doors. 
  • While you can work to address messes that exist because of the recent fire, damages like soot or smoke residue can stain and smear without the precise approach needed by someone with experience and education in fire loss recovery. 

Many fire loss situations require property owners to seek out the experience and the advanced equipment available to restoration specialists like our SERVPRO of West Pensacola team. While there are multiple conditions to address at each of these emergencies, we can make these disasters “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime that you need us at (850) 469-1160.

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Our Water Damage Specialists Can Restore Your Nursing Home In Pensacola

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

Give our SERVPRO of West Pensacola a call today at (850) 469-1160.

Water Cleanup In Pensacola Nursing Homes

As the management of one of the countless assisted living facilities throughout Pensacola and its surrounding areas, you can appreciate how even small disasters can be mountainous problems for the business. With the pace of moving residents to a safe place and protecting their belongings from any loss incident that could affect the building, it is vital to act immediately at the first sign of any emergency like a water loss incident. Our professionals can mobilize quickly to help you to address concerns like content management while mitigating the situation to prevent a long-term relocation of the facility’s occupants.

The comfort and well-being of those that live in the building are the utmost priority, so getting started on water cleanup in this Pensacola business right away is critical. A fast response can limit the need for relocations with effective containment strategies and advanced mitigation solutions to begin extraction and drying immediately upon our arrival.

Content management is another concern with residents in assisted living facilities. With the limited amount of space available to them, they only bring along with them the items of the utmost sentimental values, which makes the drying and cleaning of these items vital when water loss incidents occur. We have an entire division of content management specialists that can work to quickly pack up these items and organize them based on which rooms the contents came from for effective and safe storage until restoration and drying work is finished.

We have advanced document drying and art restoration solutions that can prevent the losses of one-of-a-kind items belonging to the residents of your facility. All of these recovery efforts can happen off-site while restoration work persists in the building so that once the area gets dried and cleaned, the removed contents can get returned to their original locations.

Managing the lives of many elderly and special needs people can be a challenge in itself, but when water loss incidents occur, you need a team you can trust to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give our SERVPRO of West Pensacola a call today at (850) 469-1160.

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We Will Help You Get Back To Business In Pensacola After Flood Damage

4/8/2019 (Permalink)

When this business was flooded we responded right away with our state-of-the-art equipment and experience and removed the water from the facility.

More than Water Threatens when Your Pensacola Business Suffers Flood Damage

When seasonal extreme weather events brew in the Gulf, heavy rains, winds, and storm surge are all possible in Pensacola. The mix of water, salt, sand, marine life, roadway and landscaping chemicals, sewage, and other contaminants means your commercial building can need professional containment and hazardous waste disposal services. Your regular cleaning crew is not up to this multifaceted set of tasks, but we are.

Commercial flood damage in Pensacola requires that we pull out all the stops. If possible, it is best if we inventory, pack up and move out your electronics, furnishings, and documents. Our production facility is a safe and secure place for your portable business possessions, plus the technicians we assign to evaluate your packed-out items have specialized equipment and methodologies to clean and dry items you believed faced ruin. Our approach is flood damage restoration, not rip out and replace. This holds true for contents, too, saving you time and expense when we restore their appearance and function.

Back at your business real estate, the SERVPRO team has dug in, often using shovels initially to reduce the amount of muck and silt that swept in with the surge.  Flood waters are by definition Category 3 or black water, so we don personal protective gear (PPE) as we work to contain and then dispose of the contaminated fluid. We use pumps and extractors to clear the water rapidly.

The force of the flood water can push it into cavities between walls and other difficult to reach spaces. Our technicians use thermal scanning and moisture reading devices to locate hidden water so it can be evacuated. We remove residues and soiling with professional cleaning products and cleaning tools matched to the Category of the water, and then dry out spaces with commercial air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers. Wherever the dirty water touched receives treatment with an EPA-registered disinfectant to prevent contact with pathogens and inhibit mold damage.

SERVPRO of West Pensacola uses its equipment and trained staff to your business’s advantage after flooding events. Call (850) 469-1160 day or night to get the process going.

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The First Call You Need To Make After A Fire In Your Pensacola Hotel Is To The Team At SERVPRO

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

A fire in your Pensacola hotel can cause damage to several areas and materials in your building.

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup For Your Pensacola Hotel

A fire in your Pensacola hotel can cause damage to several areas and materials in your building. Besides disrupting your daily operations, an event like this can shut your business down for a time whiles the structure is being restored. You, therefore, want to ensure you hire professionals to assist you with the job.

Commercial fire damage cleanup for your Pensacola business requires help from professionals who have the expertise to do the job thoroughly and efficiently. Our experts understand that you want to be able to get your hotel up and running as it was before the event.

One thing we have to look at restoring and cleaning are wallcoverings. They can come in several different kinds of materials, and the level of success that SERVPRO staff can have in restoring wallcoverings which are smoke-damaged depends upon whether it is porous or nonporous. We also look at how well the material resists heat and smoke, and how it is affected by various kinds of cleaning products.

Before we get started, we pretest wallcoverings, using a hidden area like behind the wall and switch plates. When dry cleaning materials, we examine them for loose or frayed edges or seams which can be damaged if the dry cleaning sponge catches them. SERVPRO techs are careful not to saturate the surface, as the wheat paste glue used to apply some coverings dissolves quickly in water.

Since paper wallpaper is porous, it absorbs cleaning products which are water-based. Therefore dry cleaning with a dry cleaning sponge is usually the only method which is safe. Vinyl wallpaper, on the other hand, is nonporous, as the vinyl coating applied to the face of the paper resist moisture penetration. We pretest and clean this paper with a general surface cleaner, and then rinse it with a special rinse.

Foil wallpapers are finished with a metallic, glossy face. It resists moisture like vinyl wallpaper, and wet cleaning can be used to remove acidic soot residues which can affect the metallic finish. We are careful not to wet clean too aggressively as this can wash off anything that is printed over the gloss finish.

SERVPRO of West Pensacola are the ones to call for help when your business in Sanders Beach, Goulding, or Myrtle Grove has suffered from a fire. Give us a call at (850) 469-1160 as soon as the fire is out so we can restore and clean your building in a timely fashion.

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When Unexpected Water Dampens Your Pensacola Hotel's Reviews

11/5/2018 (Permalink)

You go to great lengths to make sure that your hotel is the best. Don't let water damage ruin your efforts.

Immediate Water Removal and Mitigation for Your Pensacola Hotel

As a Pensacola hotel owner and operator, you have an obligation to the guests staying in your facility and the staff that you employ to maintain the property and operations to provide a safe and stable environment. Substantial water loss incidents that occur on the property not only threaten the structural elements of the building in a brief time, but these occurrences can also leave a bad image with impressionable guests.

A dedicated maintenance staff and custodial team are on site to help remedy messes and damages that occur on the property as promptly as possible, but these rarely include emergency water removal for your Pensacola Hotel.  While many circumstances can get entrusted to their skills and experience, water removal and cleanup must happen as fast as possible to limit the spread of these conditions through nearby materials and areas. Our SERVPRO team can respond quickly to help you reduce the spread of this water loss incident and take the appropriate provisions to begin restoring the damaged elements.

Among the chief concerns for a hotel owner contending with a water incident in their facility is the impression that it could leave with guests staying on the property. Bad reviews on reputable sites like Yelp could dramatically impact the traffic to your hotel throughout the year, and one exceptionally bad bit of press has a more significant impact than dozens of pleasant ones.

With fast extraction techniques, our emergency mitigation services can thwart the spread of water damages throughout the hotel and isolate the affected areas for effective use of our drying equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers. Once the area has gotten dried, cleaned, and deodorized if necessary, the incident is “Like it never even happened.”

You might not encounter many circumstances that require emergency water removal services, but you can always count on our SERVPRO of West Pensacola rapid response team if you do. Our mitigation efforts can protect your business from costly losses, and we work quickly to restore the property to its original condition. Give us a call today at (850) 469-1160.

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Avoid Water Damage in Your West Pensacola Barber Shop

10/1/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO dries out a commercial property in Pensacola after flood damage.

Our Commercial Water Damage Services In Pensacola Can Restore Your Shop

The pipe burst in your barber shop left a quite a mess on the floor. It looks like you need professional help to remove the several inches of standing water so that you can get back your business back to full operation right away. Do not hesitate to call us because excess water can cause damage to the structure of your building and can damage the flooring and walls. Plus, if you leave standing water inside the structure for more than 48 hours, the mold may start to grow. Mold can cause health effects, so it is wise to give us a call as soon as possible,

Our commercial water damage SERVPRO techs in Pensacola are trained to work fast. The crew can use various pieces of equipment such as extractors, vacuums, or pumps to eliminate excess water from inside the structure. After they complete the migration stage, the techs can employ air movers or axial fans to dry the affected areas. The team may also use dehumidifiers to increase evaporation. Dehumidifiers work by pulling in moisture and returning warm dry air inside the environment, which helps speed up the drying phase.

Our team works quickly to extract water and to clean and dry the area. The crew also works fast to stop mold growth and to prevent further damage to your business. The team may also need to remove contents inside your shop to prevent damage to items like your barber chairs. We itemize, categorize and store all the materials we take from the premises and keep them in a safe and dry area on or off-site until we finish the restoration stage. We know that it is vital for you to keep your shop up and running, which is why you can rely on our crew to work fast.

SERVPRO of West Pensacola commercial water damage restoration services can restore your barber shop when possible. Contact us 24/7 at (850) 469-1160 to speak with a qualified representative. We are close by and are ready to help.

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Commercial Water Removal Technicians Make Your Gym Safe Again in Pensacola

9/13/2018 (Permalink)

The SERVPRO Box Truck Carries Techs and Equipment to Pensacola Water Loss Businesses --That Is Our Business

Pensacola Enterprises Rely on SERVPRO for Water Removal

Providing a location that residents in Pensacola can safely work out and exercise to stay in shape requires you to supply the equipment and facility, all while keeping these in excellent condition. When water invades your gym, it can seep into storage areas where exercise mats, weight training equipment, or other items are stored.
SERVPRO can handle such problematic water and help you continue serving your membership in Pensacola by starting commercial water removal methods as soon as we arrive. Water might come from a broken water line or a blocked toilet, or even clogged rains inside your shower area. Wherever we find standing water on your floors, we use extraction units that quickly pump it out and into a container.
When hardwood floors become covered in water, they can begin to cup or crown. Our fast response helps minimize this damage and many times because our methods help stop and eventually reverse such unsightly changes. Steadily drying these floors out can help ensure they do not become permanent alterations that require additional restoration work, or worse, replacements.
Equipment used in your gym comes in a variety of materials, some more able to withstand the presence of water than other ones. Drying these off when the material is a solid plastic or coated metal can often suffice, while others require more intensive care to keep damage from occurring. Absorbent materials like mats and foam pads can absorb water, but these also dry quickly. We also wipe these down so no water stains develop that might detract from your members' experience while engaging in their exercise routines.
When water removal affects only a part of your building, as is the case in many situations, SERVPRO's technicians are very adept at working around your members and other guests. We want their experience to remain pleasant and productive. If anything concerns you regarding our presence, please discuss this with us so we can make adjustments as needed to our operations.
SERVPRO of West Pensacola can be reached by contacting us at (850) 469-1160. Water removal services can help keep your Sanders Beach or Perdido Key business thriving.

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A Broken Pipe Can Cause Water Damage in Your Pensacola Shoe Store

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Water can cause a great deal of damage in your shoe store. Contact SERVPRO to dry out and remediate the damage so that your business can stay open.

Drying Out Your Water Damaged Business is Key to a Successful SERVPRO Remediation

Having a store inside of an old building can have its consequences, such as water damage from a broken pipe. An old and rusted pipe can crack and then eventually break open from the strain of the metal degrading over time. Unfortunately, when plumbing pipes burst, they spill hundreds of gallons of water in just seconds.
When it comes to the commercial water damage in Pensacola that is quickly invading your shoe store, turning off the water-valve as soon as possible can help immensely. Making sure it can no longer add to the mess that needs to be cleaned up is the first step. Additionally, it is essential that you not only call for a plumber as quickly as you can but also for a professional remediation technician as well. The sooner you get the water out of your building, the sooner you can reopen your business.
At SERVPRO, we prioritize time-management. We understand that the sooner our technicians get to your business, the quicker and smoother the remediation process can be. When we receive your call, we gather what equipment is needed for the job and quickly travel to your business. SERVPRO always tries to minimize foot traffic loss for your business.
The first thing we can do when we arrive at your store is to box up the shoes around the damage so that we can thoroughly dry the area. Any shoes that have been damaged by the water can be listed by our technicians to use for an insurance claim. To handle any standing water in your store, SERVPRO can use advanced tools such as extractors and wet/dry vacuums to clean it up. These tools allow us to remove the stagnant water from the area at a quicker rate. Additionally, extractors have a heating element attached to them that help dry out any heavy upholstery, carpets, and drapes.
Our IICRC-certified techs can employ the use of ventilation fans and desiccant dehumidifiers to encourage moisture inside of the structure of your store to evaporate. As our final touch, SERVPRO can thoroughly clean up any stray bits of metal piping from your store and then return the boxed shoes to their rightful locations.
Should a pipe burst inside of your business, never hesitate to call for help. Contact SERVPRO of West Pensacola by phoning (850) 469-1160. Night or day, we are only a phone call away.

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Remediating Commercial Water Damage in Goulding

5/27/2018 (Permalink)

Whether water damage shows up on your floor or ceiling, our technicians will stop the cause and remediate the damage.

Team SERVPRO Assesses the Damage in Order to Use the Most Efficient Equipment for the Job

Goulding businesses are as vulnerable to water intrusion as private homes. For medium and large businesses, they are more vulnerable, due to the increased amount of pipe that can crack, split, or otherwise fail. Usually at the worst possible moment.
To quickly stop Goulding commercial water damage, SERVPRO restoration teams begin by removing any water covering carpets and floors. Our technicians perform this task primarily with two devices: Pumps and Extractors.
Our office maintains a variety of pumps, so our team leaders can match the equipment to the amount of water they need to remove. With deep water, like in a sub-floor storage area, they use a submersible pump with a high level of lift capability and volume capacity. These terms mean that the pump can remove much water very quickly. For more shallow water, technicians use smaller pumps with lower lift and volume levels they move across the surface. The larger pumps in our inventory can be truck mounted and driven to any task.
Whenever possible, technicians pump the water directly into a treated sewer, usually a toilet inside the building. If a septic tank services the facility, this is not possible, so our teams recommend contacting their septic service to bring in a tank or tank truck for us to pump the water into immediately.
For smaller amounts still or water trapped in carpets and between floorboards, SERVPRO teams switch to extractors. These devices, in the hands of our trained personnel, are excellent for drawing water out of upholstery as well. Each extractor has three primary components: a heater, pump, and vacuum.
Our technicians are trained to adjust the temperature and vacuum rate to ensure they do not accidentally cause further damage to the surfaces of the structural or office property. For larger amounts that can cover an entire warehouse floor, they may need to bring in extractors large enough that we mount them on a truck like some types of pumps.
Removing water from your business is not a quick or easy process, but it can be accomplished efficiently with the right equipment and training. If you need our services, contact SERVPRO of West Pensacola at (850) 469-1160 today to schedule a visit. We are here to help.

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Water Damage Restoration Available For Businesses Throughout The Goulding Area

1/28/2018 (Permalink)

Most Businesses in the Goulding Area Do Not Want Water Sprayed on Their Products--Call SERVPRO for Removal and Cleanup

Retail Shops Benefit from the Rapid Water Removal Services of SERVPRO

Water problems strike the Goulding area enough for us to want to consider preventative services offered by local restoration companies. With qualified professionals on your side, you have a much better chance at limiting your losses during an emergency.  

When facing water damage in your Goulding area restaurant, you need access to someone who not only understands how water acts but also someone who can perform a significant range of restorations and possibly minor repairs. Your serving area, bar, booths, tables, floors, walls, ceiling, and all company assets may be affected; not to even mention your customers.

SERVPRO's IICRC-industry certified technicians help prevent additional damage during the restoration process, limiting any downtime or losses you may experience. We can supply you with technicians who have many years experience restoring kitchen equipment such as stoves, ovens, cookers, fryers, and many countertop devices.  

SERVPRO works with you to make the experience as stress-free as possible, helping you remain open if at all possible, and assisting with paperwork for your insurance claim. We are proud to serve the businesses in our local community and want to be your solution to water damage situations that may occur at your place of business.

SERVPRO has technicians available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, anytime, day or night, regardless of the size of your problem, we can be there to help. We have access to both hand-held and truck-mounted water extraction units of various sizes, air-movers, dehumidifiers, infrared moisture detectors and hygrometers that assist with the drying process.  

Whether you are experiencing a small flood or a flood throughout your entire structure, fresh or salt-water, our technicians understand which steps to take to rectify the situation and get you back on track as soon as possible. We also have cleaning, deodorization, and preventative services available to keep your business ahead of the problems that may occur. To help prevent, or at least mitigate emergency damages, we can provide the ERP, Emergency READY Profile Program.

SERVPRO of West Pensacola performs your entire water damage restoration as quickly and efficiently as possible, providing you with quality services that you can count on to help your business recover fast. Contact us immediately for an initial inspection of your property or to begin your restoration, today. (850) 469-1160

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The Fire Damage Risks of Mechanic Shops in Pensacola

1/2/2018 (Permalink)

Pensacola Shops When Kept Clean Provide Less Chances of Fire and Smoke Damage

Pensacola Auto Repair Shops and Tips to Prevent Fires

Even if your mechanic shop in Pensacola is well maintained, fire damage may still cause significant damage to it from accidents both avoidable and unavoidable. Having a good insurance policy is essential if you hope to safeguard your business against potential disaster, and should be relatively inexpensive on a monthly or yearly basis. While the best strategy to defend your business against fire damage is often prevention, specific factors make mechanic shops innately risky in the face of a fire.
Flammable Fluids
Between gasoline, motor oil, lubricants, and any other oil-based products, most mechanic shops in Pensacola are at risk for fire damage through flammable liquids and materials stocked and used in day-to-day operations. Almost all petroleum products are susceptible to flame, and some may even be sensitive enough to catch fire under intense sunlight. To mitigate this effect as best as possible, be sure to contain all flammable materials and chemicals as best as possible and whenever they are not in use, and to clean your workspace regularly.
Plenty of Sparks
While small sparks and metal shavings are rarely dangerous on their own, they can become a significant hazard when coupled with the aforementioned flammable materials. Always keep anything flammable away from your working space whenever sparks may fly, and keep track of where they are going.
Customer Vehicles
When working with a customer vehicle, you might never know what to expect inside. SERVPRO technicians have seen some strange and hazardous sights over their years of experience, and you probably have as well. Some customer vehicles may present a direct or indirect fire hazard to your business and should be treated with due care and caution when any suspicious situations arise. Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher on hand so that any fires within the vehicle do not get a chance to spread elsewhere.
SERVPRO of West Pensacola is a local expert provider of fire damage mitigation and restoration services to local businesses. For our help in repairing your establishment after a fire, call us at (850) 469-1160.

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Mitigating Loss Following Water Damage To Your Pensacola Hotel

12/8/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of West Pensacola is available 24 hours a day to respond to your hotel water damage emergency!

Do You Know Who To Call When Water Damage Strikes Your Pensacola Hotel?

Pensacola hotels are much like any other tourism-based business, and you just cannot significantly profit if you are not fully functional through the entirety of the peak season. The necessity for full occupancy means that whenever you have a water emergency in one of your hotel rooms, you do not have any time to lose in getting it repaired.

There are substantial concerns whenever there is a significant water incident in any Pensacola hotel room, primarily if it occurs on an upper floor of the structure. Not only is this one room now unable to be used, but it also puts any adjacent rentable rooms in jeopardy as well. Flooding indoors in an upper-level hotel room can spread quickly, and water removal efforts for your Pensacola hotel must get started immediately to mitigate loss.

The first thing that SERVPRO is going to do when they get to your hotel is to set up to start removing water. Considering that this needs to be a controlled event to prevent disturbance to other paying guests, smaller portable pumps and wet-vacs used instead of truck mounted pumps. The faster that the water can be pulled off the floor and rerouted through wastewater pipes or into a pumper truck for removal, the better. With rooms sharing common walls, it does not take much time for standing water to work its way through drywall and insulation to reach neighboring areas to the damaged zone.

Once the large volumes of water have been cleared off of the floor, and the source of this water has temporarily stopped, restoration efforts can officially begin. The process involves both thoroughly drying the damage using spot specific heating fans and repairing the damage to the plumbing. Given the extent of structural damage, SERVPRO might work in conjunction with a hired contractor to prepare the area for new drywall and other building materials so that the construction work can quickly follow the completion of the water damage restoration effort.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Peak season is no time to lose business to a water emergency in one of your rooms. Call our SERVPRO of West Pensacola emergency response team to get you back to full capacity quickly. We can be reached anytime at (850) 469-1160.

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Commercial Fire Damage Hazards in Pensacola Retail Stores

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Keep your retail store open with fire prevention tips or remediation from the certified technicians at SERVPRO. Call today to discuss your situation.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Offer Your Store Effective Fire Prevention Tips During an Inspection

Fires in retail stores cause a lot of damage in Pensacola every year, sometimes leading to severe injuries and even death of an employee. As such, retail environments need to be more vigilant than most when it comes to spotting fire hazards. In fact, shops and other retail businesses often feature in fire loss statistics, with more severe blazes contributing to a significant amount of lost business.
To protect your shop, you need a reliable fire damage restoration service to deal with the aftermath of a devastating fire disaster. At SERVPRO, we have a long history providing commercial fire damage restoration to Pensacola and its environs. Our technicians are highly trained and certified explicitly by the IICRC, ensuring that our methods are up to par with industry standards. Using advanced tools and products, we can restore your business to preloss condition as quickly as possible, "Like it never even happened."
Waste storage and combustible materials are some of the leading causes of commercial fire damage in a retail shop. These items tend to accumulate and present a fire hazard, so it is important to discard them on a regular basis. Indeed, something as simple as a burning cigarette can start a small fire that could spread quickly. It is advisable to set a separate area for waste disposal or avoid storing waste at the shop altogether.
Some warehouses often store flammable materials (e.g., flammable liquids) that can quickly spark when they come into contact with a flame. To minimize the risk of extensive fire damage, SERVPRO professionals can help you store and seal any containers with flammable liquids or vapors. Vapors are just as damaging in the presence of fire and can also ignite quickly. Additionally, make a point of cleaning up any spills on the floor as soon as they happen.
Poor ventilation can cause wood chips, dust, scrap plastic, and other debris to build up in the store. If your work environment produces considerable dust, SERVPRO technicians can help you install an extraction fan. Places that use heavy machines and equipment that tend to get hot should be kept clear of both gas and dust.
If your business incurs any type of commercial fire damage, SERVPRO of West Pensacola is here for you. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster, and our technicians are dedicated to returning your property to its original state quickly and efficiently. Give us a ring anytime at (850) 469-1160.

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Restaurant Mold Damage Remediation In Perdido Key

8/10/2017 (Permalink)

Microbial growth in any restaurant causes concern for both your employees and customers.

Mold Damage Remediation

Microbial growth in any workplace causes concern for both your employees and customers. When mold takes hold in a restaurant everyone’s anxiety goes up a notch, and a swift remediation needs to take place. SERVPRO has the specialized equipment and trained technicians to abate almost any mold problem.

Special local and state rules on mold damage get your attention when colonies arise in your Perdido Key oyster shack and grill. Your staff worries about possible health issues and no one wants to eat in a restaurant that hosts mold as well as diners. We understand that closing your business for even a few days means possible financial ruin and the loss of long time fans of your fare. Rely on us to clear out the current mold growth safely and help you plan to avoid similar problems in the future.

The Northern Gulf Coast is hot and humid. Add in the inevitable cooking steam created in a popular seaside dining destination and mold has all its needs met for multiplication. SERVPRO uses Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols to remediate mold and takes the time to educate commercial clients on strategies to minimize mold growth in the future.

SERVPRO crew members contain the moldy area using heavy duty plastic sheeting and often adding an air scrubber. The air scrubber uses negative pressure to keep particulate matter from drifting into other areas of your restaurant as we clean up. We make every effort to permit the rest of your business to remain open while we prepare for and complete removal of the moldy material. The fungi and any porous surfaces it infiltrates are bagged within the containment area and properly discarded.

The next step is sanitization with professional antimicrobials targeted to stop mold growth. Finally, we determine the source of moisture that fuels the mold proliferation. Chances are good it is high humidity, so we counsel the consistent use of industrial strength exhaust fans. SERVPRO inspectors also seek roof or plumbing leaks and see that they are fixed to prevent water incursion.

Count on SERVPRO of West Pensacola to have the solution for mold damage in your restaurant. Set up an appointment for a speedy evaluation and plan creation by calling our dispatch staff at (850) 469-1160.

For more about the city of Perdido Key, Florida visit

What to Do When Water Damage in Your Pensacola Bar Uncovers Asbestos

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO to remediate after a water damage event at your bar or restaurant. Our quick response can save you downtime.

SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Remediate Water Damage and Its Associated Issues

There is lots of misinformation around about asbestos. While it can be dangerous, the amount of risk is dependent on a range of different factors. For example, it is entirely possible to live in a house or work in a building which contains asbestos for many years and never be affected. Ultimately, if the condition of the material is stable and undisturbed, the risk is negligible.

The problem is that things like commercial water damage in Pensacola buildings have a tendency to dislodge hazardous materials and send toxic substances into the air. Older buildings, like bars and restaurants, are commonly affected because many have been operating in the same location for decades. So, if you own a bar in a very old building, there is a chance that leaks and floods could uncover previously concealed patches of asbestos.

Knowing How to Respond

The good news is that SERVPRO knows how to deal with the problem. The presence of asbestos does make water damage repairs more complicated, but our technicians are still able to complete a restoration. However, you may be asked to close the business while we carry out the work.

It can be a frustrating request for a business as busy as a bar, so we promise not to ask unless it is a necessity. The course of repairs largely depends on the condition of the material. If it is exposed, but the block or outer surface is undisturbed, the risk is minimal. You may be able to continue serving customers if the damage is in an area which we can privately contain.

The Impact of Water Damage

The presence of asbestos in a water damaged bar means that SERVPRO must use delicate clean up methods. The severity of the damage might be fairly light, but it may still be necessary to install polyurethane sheets for substance suppression.

The use of abrasive cleaning techniques is not suitable, so pressure washing water stained walls is inappropriate in this case. Instead, the technicians employ a combination of wet sponge techniques, detergents, and paint sealers (to cover stubborn marks).

Similarly, until the asbestos is safely extracted or resealed, the introduction of air movers and box fans is discouraged. HEPA vacuuming is an effective way to capture asbestos dust and powder, as long as the movement of air in the room is under control. Every individual who enters the affected space must wear PPE safety garments.

SERVPRO of West Pensacola provides fast, effective water damage repairs to business owners in the Pensacola area. We are in a perfect position to assist you if your bar or restaurant requires expert attention after a leak or flood. Call us 24/7 at (850) 469-1160.

Gift Shop Needs Mold Remediation in Warrington

4/12/2017 (Permalink)

Warrington Businesses Benefit from SERVPRO Mold Remediation to Stay Open

SERVPRO Cleans Up Your Warrington Gift Shop from Mold

In the Pensacola area, many entrepreneurs rely upon vacationers to visit and purchase gifts and keepsakes. The semi-tropical climate attracts the travelers but also contributes to retailers’ struggles with mold and mildew growth in their shops. Working with SERVPRO to manage the mold is a profitable plan, removing the visible growth today and helping you reduce its return in the future.
Handcrafted soaps are a luxury many seek out when they visit new areas. The perfect gift for those taking in the mail and shoveling the snow back home, a bar or two of these lushly fragranced and skin pampering soaps is on the vacationer’s checklist. Making the soap is a steamy business, and when combined with the dampness of seasonal storms and the natural humidity of the area, mold damage in your Warrington factory and storefront is unfortunate but not unexpected.
The lovely, local scents need not do battle with the musky smell of mold once SERVPRO technicians inspect your premises. Our staff takes advanced courses in mold remediation to help businesses just like yours. The approach we take is holistic. Simply removing the mold is not our goal We instead strive to determine why the mold grew in the first place to come up with a solution that reduces the chances of it recurring.
We find and contain all existing mold colonies in your shop. Depending on the magnitude of the infestation we erect barriers shielding the rest of your premises from contamination as we deal with the problem. We determine whether to set up air scrubbers that improve air quality in the affected area and create a negative pressure that protects other areas of your location. The mold is removed, along with any porous material to which it adheres, and disinfection with proper professional products proceeds.
As we do our work, we precisely measure the moisture content of your enclosed spaces. Indoor humidity levels of more than 60 percent encourage mold growth. To reduce this level to 30 to 50 percent, our technicians assess the contributing factors, boiling vats of soap mixtures in this case, and design a way to reduce the humidity permanently. Dehumidifiers and air conditioners work by lowering the moisture content of the air, and we also recommend proper venting and the installation of exhaust fans to minimize mold recurrence.
Rid your business of sequential mold outbreaks by consulting with the remediation experts at SERVPRO of West Pensacola. Call our dispatchers at (850) 469-1160 to set up a visit from an experienced inspector to start the process.

Commercial Flood Damage In Your Pensacola Computer Business

3/8/2017 (Permalink)

Flood damage can, unfortunately, happen at any time from wear and tear on pipes, or outside weather conditions.

Flood Damage In Your Business

There are several causes for flood damage, including storm surges, torrential rains, flash floods, overflowing rivers and more. Flood damage to your computer business can lead to all sorts of problems including mold, infiltration of rodents and insects, and rotting wood. Depending upon the kind of damage, the team at SERVPRO has our trained technicians come in and extract the flood waters, board up doors and windows, and give temporary light and plumbing repairs services and more to protect your property from even more damage. No matter how the damage happened, it is very recommended to get an inspection to make sure your property is protected.

Flood damage to your commercial building in Pensacola feels like a catastrophe, no matter how bad the flooding is. Flood damage can, unfortunately, happen at any time from wear and tear on pipes, or outside weather conditions. Your number one priority is getting SERVPRO to your property as soon as possible so we can minimize the damage, and keep your business running.

We understand that you have taken the necessary steps to keep your building well-maintained. Sometimes, however, water damage can still occur even with your best efforts. Water is quite devastating and saturates insulation, walls, floors and even furniture. It also migrates downward, so if a pipe breaks on the top floor, each floor under it is affected.

Our technicians work quickly to respond since studies show that the first 24-48 hours are essential when it comes to extracting any standing water. After this, the environment tends to breed mold and other microbes that are hazardous, creating conditions that are potentially dangerous. Our team is fully certified by The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and our company is licensed, insured and bonded. After you place a call to us, our staff arrives as soon as possible, with the equipment needed to begin the process of extraction. We also keep in communication with your insurance company, handling the process from start to finish so you can concentrate on managing your business.

Our experience gives us a head start against the competition, and we arrive on-site with the right expertise, tools, and training to get the job done as soon as possible so your business can go back to operating as usual. Plus, we hold strong relationships with insurance providers and can help you with a faster facilitation of the claims process. So, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of West Pensacola whenever you have any flood damage. We can easily be reached anytime at (850) 469-1160.

Cleaning Services That Save Your Myrtle Grove Business From Fire Damage

2/27/2017 (Permalink)

However, as with most fires, the smoke and residue damage is far worse than what those caused by direct heat or open flame.

Fire Damage Cleaning Services

Fires started in small restaurants often get put out before significant damages occur. However, as with most fires, the smoke and residue damage is far worse than what those caused by direct heat or open flame. Making the cleaning services offered during a restoration critical to restoring your business after a fire.

When dealing with fire damage in your Myrtle Grove restaurant, make sure that you consider all of the services offered by the company you choose for restoration. They should have 24-hour emergency support services, to fit a time table that is best for you. Be able to present you with a full list of technical certifications, while also having the ability to explain the services they offer in detail.

SERVPRO technicians hold a series of IICRC certifications in fire, smoke, water, mold, storm, and emergency restoration services. Including studying IICRC standards and best practices in carpet and upholstery cleaning, along with cleaning and restoration concerning a variety of contents required for you to operate a business. While SERVPRO operates within standards set by OSHA and the EPA, our company insists on thorough Employee Certification Training, e-Learnings, as well as Continuing Education Classes. So that our staff remains focused on the standards that the cleaning and restoration industry demands.

Obviously, restoring the contents, assets, and appliances used for the operation of your restaurant is often a far less costly option than replacement. Therefore, we utilize several methods to assist with cleaning a broad range of items involved in your fire event.

SERVPRO performs dry cleaning for use in the removal of light to medium non-grease-based soils. While feather dusters or clean dusting cloths can remove initial surface dust, dry cleaning sponges or vacuuming helps remove light debris and particulate soiling.

Wet cleaning helps remove moderate to heavy residues, often involving cleaning using water, with or without a cleaning agent, thoroughly saturating the item during the cleaning process. SERVPRO technicians also utilize a spray and wipe wet cleaning process that involves applying cleaning products with a spray bottle and wiping the surface clean with a clean white towel. Giving the restorer more control over the amount of cleaning product applied to each item and preventing possible chemical damages on sensitive materials.

There are far more cleaning methods offered to each client that we respond to, contact SERVPRO of West Pensacola today for additional information on how our cleaning services can help restore your business today (850) 469-1160.

Commercial Water Damage in Your Pensacola Restaurant

1/31/2017 (Permalink)

Water Leaks Can Lead to Lost Revenue in Your Pensacola Restaurant

Trust in SERVPRO to Restore Your Water Damaged Business Quickly

No one wants to deal with a water damage problem, especially if you own a restaurant. You rely on customers to come in and eat, and having to deal with the Health Department is never a good day. Since food is made and eaten in restaurants, sanitation is critical, not just to continued operations, but also to the health of your customers. When your restaurant becomes damaged by water, and it is contaminated, the restaurant becomes unsanitary. This means it is not fit to operate as a food-related business.

When dealing with commercial water damage in your Pensacola restaurant, you also need to worry about mold growth. In your Pensacola restaurant, water and mold being present can lead to citations from the health department and lawsuits. If your restaurant is above another establishment, then you also need to think about potential damage from leaks. Make sure to have an experienced water damage restoration company, such as SERVPRO, on your emergency contact list. They can assist you with any water damage and clean it up before the damage closes your doors.

Consequences of Your Restaurant Suffering from Water Damage
Besides the related cleanup and renovation costs and the loss of investments, you as the owner must deal with replacing or repairing restaurant fixtures and equipment that is damaged. Plus, the loss of revenue must be considered. Depending on how severe the harm is, the final consequences could be bad enough that you’ll have to rely on insurance money to help you with restoration so you can be open for business again. SERVPRO can work with your insurance company to ensure you get what you deserve. We understand how stressful times like this can be and how important it is for your business to be up and running again.
Since there are so many ways you can experience water damage in your restaurant, there isn’t an industry-wide description of water damage coverage in commercial property insurance. There are policies which include coverage for certain kinds of water damage, and then some limited commercial plans which don’t include coverage for any water damage. Make sure you know ahead of time exactly what your policy covers.

Our licensed and trained technicians will handle your water-clean-up skillfully, so you are up and running again quickly. We’ll monitor and evaluate the moisture in the air, plus in the areas surrounding the damage to look for potential problems with mold growth. Call SERVPRO of West Pensacola, so we can assist you in recovering affected areas and items. Our job is to help you get your restaurant cooking again.  (850) 469-1160.

Water Damage Swiftly Abated For Your Sanders Beach Condos

12/27/2016 (Permalink)

A rapid response to any type of water damage is necessary to help prevent problems with mold. Call SERVPRO today!

SERVPRO's Quick Response Will Be Seamless and Non-intrusive For Everyone Involved

You cater to the crowd who loves to luxuriate in premium beachside condos on the Florida Panhandle. Your guests expect to enjoy sunny, sandy perfection in your well-appointed lodgings. Vacationers do not tolerate surprises, even those they create, so you need SERVPRO's number in your pocket should water damage threaten to ruin an idyllic stay. When your lodgers overflow the spa in the master bedroom or leave the windows open to a heavy rainstorm when they are shopping, you must respond and fix any issues immediately. We are Faster To Any Size Disaster, ready to restore accidental water damage so that your guests need not alter their holiday plans, while also protecting your investment in high-end vacation rentals.

Simple, clean water incursions in a rental condo appear easy to remedy, and you may be tempted to have your building managers simply mop up after careless tenants. Assigning water damage mitigation for your Sanders Beach condos to a general cleanup service, unfortunately, can cause secondary damage. In a subtropical area like the Florida Panhandle, the climate is quite humid, complicating the drying out that is the basis of any effective water damage restoration. Our water damage technicians are trained to identify all areas where moisture can cause problems. Once standing water is pumped out or saturated areas are treated with extracting equipment we carefully assess the balance of air movers and dehumidifies, making necessary adjustments or adding some heat to achieve the proper humidity in the condo fast. The adjustments are made based upon best practices and protocols our employees have been taught by commercial water damage restoration experts.

We know that your tenants resent even a temporary relocation, so we arrive quickly and get to work immediately. Experience and training set our staff high above a regular cleaning crew. You can count on our team to be thorough as well as fast, ensuring that our speed does not mean that we overlook hidden areas of water damage that may encourage mold growth or other microbial activity. When SERVPRO staff are on the job no detail is ignored, and we consult with our commercial clients continuously through the water damage restoration process. If extensive water damage means we need to take serious steps like removing floor coverings or evacuating your renters we give you advance warning and a chance to prepare alternatives for your customers.

SERVPRO of West Pensacola stands ready to help you respond to water damage caused accidentally. Condo owners and management staff call (850) 469-1160 for fast water damage restoration that keeps your guests vacationing and your business earning.

Utilizing Air Movers for Commercial Water Removal in Warrington Businesses

11/8/2016 (Permalink)

Once we have gathered enough information on the severity of the water damage, our technicians will set up a series of machines and drying tools.

Utilizing Commercial Water Removal Air Movers For Businesses in Warrington

If your business is dealing with the consequences of water damage, whether from a burst pipe or a plumbing catastrophe, you need a quick solution. Just one call to the SERVPRO team is all that is required to get repairs moving. We are based in your area, so we’ll arrive onsite in a timely fashion and carry out a full inspection.

Once we have gathered enough information on the severity of the water damage, our technicians will set up a series of high powered machines and drying tools. These are much stronger than any commercially available devices, and they’ll eliminate the moisture as fast as possible. The first phase of commercial water removal in Warrington businesses is always to dry out the affected area.

This guide to industrial air movers will explain why these supercharged machines are such a big part of water damage restoration.

What Is An Air Mover?

An air mover is similar to a fan, in that it circulates dry air around an enclosed space. It increases the rate of evaporation, by pushing moisture out of the atmosphere and replacing it with fresher, drier oxygen. These devices come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but the ones that we use are very powerful. Usually, we ask business owners to remove fragile items like picture frames, curtains, and other wall hangings.

What Can Air Movers Be Used to Restore?

The good news is that air movers are effective at restoring everything from carpets to wall cavities, cabinets, and awkward spaces like attics. If the carpeting in your business has been affected by flooring, SERVPRO recommends lifting it entirely. This is a common technique, and the carpet is simply held a few inches from the ground. The air mover is then used to direct clean, dry air into the space beneath it.

A similar method may be used to dry out wall cavities. In some cases, this requires the team to drill tiny holes in the wall so that the air can be directed through it. We won’t make any changes to your property without consulting you first. Do be aware that our top priority is the condition of your business. If we do suggest drilling or lifting materials, it is because we deem it necessary.

How Long Does It Take for the Air Movers to Work?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on a variety of factors. For instance, the bigger the affected water damaged space, the longer it will take to dry. We understand that working around the air movers may be inconvenient. However, it is essential that they are left to run uninterrupted. They can be noisy, but the end result will be a dry, safe business.


Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As SERVPRO of West Pensacola is a locally based business, we are able to respond to emergency and non-urgent situations. We have access to cutting edge equipment and we know exactly how to save your business from commercial water damage. Call us 24/7 at (850) 469-1160.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services

6/7/2016 (Permalink)

Don't Let a Water Leak Damage Your Business Income in Pensacola.

Quickly Reopen Your Business with the Water Damage Services of SERVPRO

The thought of water damage in your business property is easy to dismiss, but the reality is that many in the Pensacola area will experience this type of event at some point. Standing water inside a building can result in considerable damage to the building along with a monetary loss due to the business closure. It may have developed from a major storm that blew through the area and caused massive flooding. It may also be because of a leaking pipe, malfunctioning fire sprinkler system, or another similar type of issue. Regardless of the reason for your water problem, you may be wondering what you can do to overcome commercial water damage in Pensacola.

If possible, the first step you should take is to stop the flow of water into the building. Turn off the main water valve that supplies water. Once water has stopped entering the business building, you can then consider how you will remove the standing water. Professional water extraction may be the easiest and fastest option. Remember that the standing water can result in mold growth if it remains in the area for more than a day or two, so time is of the essence. After the water has been extracted, you can then begin the process of repairing and restoring the Pensacola commercial water damage. This may include replacing drywall, cleaning the carpeting, drying business documents, and more. This process can be labor intensive and very time-consuming, so it is often best to allow professionals like us, SERVPRO, to do the work for you. We will even coordinate the work with your insurance company to expedite all aspects of the restoration process, including papwrwork.

SERVPRO of West Pensacola is a local franchise that has water damage remediation services as the keystone of our business. We go to great lengths to respond to urgent service requests and will return your call within the hour and provide you with high-quality results. For more information about our Pensacola commercial water damage services, call the office 24/7/365 at (850) 469-1160.