Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Nursing Facility in Cantonment, Florida

This facility suffered water damage from several sources during a heavy rain storm. The facility manager called SERVPRO of West Pensacola, after hours, our team... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage – Pensacola Restaurant

Commercial fire damage at this Pensacola restaurant reached every corner of the kitchen. There was soot and smoke damage everywhere. The owner contacted SERVPRO... READ MORE

Vandalism in Pensacola, FL.

This historic Catholic church was broken into and vandalized. The church reached out to SERVPRO of West Pensacola to help clean everything from the pulpit to th... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage In Pensacola, FL

Recently, the team at SERVPRO of West Pensacola responded promptly to a commercial fire damage incident. The men's restroom suffered significant fire damage. So... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Job in Pensacola, FL.

This public bathroom at Pensacola State College was vandalized and the trash can set on fire. Notice the extent of the smoke and soot damage that can occur even... READ MORE

Collapsed Ceiling in Cantonment, FL.

Heavy spring rains caused the ceiling in a garage in Cantonment Florida to get wet and collapse. The owner of the home called SERVPRO of West Pensacola to ... READ MORE

Pensacola Warehouse Gets Flooded from a Tropical Storm

The rainwater poured through the bay doors of this municipal maintenance building in Pensacola and quickly covered the concrete floor. Our technicians quickly a... READ MORE

Flooded Fitness Center in Northeast Pensacola, FL

This fitness center is located in a strip center in Northeast Pensacola. The business adjacent to the fitness center had a pipe break which sent clean water und... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Scenic Heights, Pensacola FL.

This homeowner noticed a small roof leak around the fireplace every time it rained. Over time it developed in to a small patch of microbial growth that needed t... READ MORE

Flooded House in Goulding, Pensacola FL.

The owner of this house was out of town when the water feed line to the toilet broke. Neighbors called after noticing water flowing under the front and back doo... READ MORE