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Is Fire Damage Cooking in Your Pensacola Kitchen?

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged stove. Smoke and soot on wall behind stove Grease fires create residue that is difficult to remove. SERVPRO has the training and cleaners to restore your home to its preloss condition.

Eliminating Fire Damage from a Pensacola Kitchen 

Between 2008 and 2017, the annual loss incurred from fire damage to homes shot up 12% to a whopping $23 billion. Even a small fire can cost thousands in damages on top of proliferating foul odors and hard-to-remove residues. In the case of cooking fires, invisible protein residues can discolor surfaces while emanating foul odors. Consumer-grade products do not clean grease residues effectively.  

If you need fire damage mitigation for your Pensacola homes kitchen, SERVPRO technicians are ready to assist you at a moment's notice. You can find teams of Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) trained technicians at over 1,700 franchise locations in the United States and Canada. Whether your disaster occurs on a weeknight, weekend, or holiday, technicians can come to you soon after your call to begin the cleanup process. 

Finding the Right Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

Household extinguishers are generally labeled A, B, or C, which indicates what types of fires the extinguisher can fight most effectively. A extinguishers handle ordinary combustibles like wood and paper, B is most useful for flammable liquids like cooking oil or gasoline, and C is ideal for electricity. 

These classifications are also preceded by numbers, which are the classification rating of your fire extinguisher. This system determines the relative effectiveness your extinguisher has against each type of fire. The higher the number, the more effective the extinguisher. Type C fire extinguishers typically do not have number designations, as this classification only indicates that the chemicals do not conduct electricity. 

There are several different weights and sizes of fire extinguishers designed for different situations. The kitchen may benefit the most from a 5-pound rechargeable extinguisher, or a stovetop extinguisher. If you use the latter, do not use them for deep fryer fires, as the grease splashed by extinguishing chemicals can spread the fire. If you get a stovetop model, consider a pressurized magnetic can that can pop open from heat and spray baking soda, which helps put out the fire. 

How SERVPRO Can Help

One of the essential steps in ensuring effective cleaning after a fire is precleaning or preconditioning. Here, technicians use various cleaning methods so that other cleaning materials can work more effectively. Precleaning procedures include vacuuming loose soils, agitating soot deposits with compressed air, and using both soft and coarse brushes to dislodge soils without damaging surfaces. 

To address protein residues from a cooking fire, technicians may use enzyme digesters to break down organic molecules into odor-free materials such as carbon dioxide, water, or a water-soluble product. 

SERVPRO of West Pensacola helps homeowners save their homes by being Faster to Any Size Disaster. For the lightning-fast disaster mitigation service, you can call (850) 469-1160. 

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Professional Tips for Drying Water Damaged Hardwood Floors in Perdido Key

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood floors Do you know how to dry hardwood floors? SERVPRO does! We are always on call to handle your water damage emergencies.

How to Restore Your Hardwood Flooring After Water Damage in a Perdido Key Home

After a water loss incident, one of your concerns may be how to prevent your attractive hardwood floors from being ruined permanently. Hardwood floors add beauty and value to your house. Therefore, you do not want to rip them out and replace them.

You may be wondering if it is possible to save hardwood flooring after water damage in your Perdido Key home. With proper care from a professional restoration firm such as SERVPRO, there is a high chance of restoring the floorings to its original condition. Successful restoration of hardwood floors after water damage depends on the following factors:

Amount of moisture

According to an article that the National Wood Flooring Association published in the Hardwood Floors Magazine, wood floors have a moisture content of six to nine percent. When water pools on them, the floors absorb water, and this increases their moisture content. If you leave the floors to dry without assistance, it can take several weeks for them to dry. For that reason, they can start showing damage such as raised edges or cupping, buckling, or a separation between panels.

Response time

Some types of wood absorb water at a slower pace than others, but all wood is susceptible to water damage. If water sits on the floors for a long time, the chances of saving them diminishes. Mold is the other problem associated with water damage. Therefore, calling in professionals immediately after a water loss problem is vital.

Drying methods

It is challenging and time-consuming to dry wood flooring, particularly if moisture has reached the subflooring. The drying method that our restorers choose to use determines how fast the flooring can dry. Our crew determines the type of wood floor and installation method before beginning drying. With SERVPRO’s advanced drying in-place method, we can restore your flooring in less than seven days. We can use portable extractors and hardwood floor drying mats to remove water from the floor. We usually use the drying mats with hardwood drying systems like the Injectidry HP-Plus, the Dri-Eaz DriForce, or the Injectidry HP-60. Our restorers can connect several mats and place them on the hardwood floor and attach them directly to the portable extractor. The vacuum hose of the extraction unit can remove the water. Our team considers the amount of water present, the level of polyurethane, and the tightness of the boards to determine how long the mats should remain in the affected area.

Water can ruin wood floors, and several factors determine the possibility of restoring the flooring. Calling our team can mean the difference between repairing your flooring and replacing it.

After a water intrusion incident in your home, you should act swiftly to prevent further damage. SERVPRO of West Pensacola has qualified technicians who can help you fix the water damage. Call us today at (850) 469-1160.

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Pensacola Properties, Fire Loss, Smoke, and Odors, What to Do? Call SERVPRO!

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

Connie from SERVPRO in front of Display SERVPRO's Team Consists of Your Neighbors Like Connie, Ready To Assist with Fire and Smoke Loss Cleanup and Restoration

Fire Damage Mitigation in Pensacola Involves Cleaning Various Structural Components

Whenever flames ignite inside your Pensacola home, the smoke getting released can circulate throughout your entire structure. When this smoke contacts the cooler surfaces of your contents and building materials, it can adhere to items and cause extensive fire damage. Residues can be present anywhere air flows inside your building, including your walls, ceilings, cabinets, and attic. Proper restoration often involves cleaning deposits from these various structural components.

Any time our SERVPRO team works towards mitigating your fire damage in Pensacola, we start by deciding the best way to clean everything inside your home that got negatively affected by smoke or soot residues. Walls and ceilings often get cleaned first using dry or wet methods depending on the type of material and the kind of smoke present. Next, we focus on other structural components that could take different approaches to clean and restore. A technician's most useful tool is a vacuum cleaner.

Since many fires start inside kitchens, our SERVPRO technicians often find themselves tasked with cleaning soot residues off of your kitchen cabinets. The techniques vary depending on whether the wood making up the cabinets is finished or unfinished. Finished surfaces can often be cleaned by using water-based detergents and a cloth. Unfinished wood, such as the surfaces inside your cabinets, is often better cleaned with using dry methods such as dusting or cleaning with a dry sponge. Whenever we clean your cabinets, we often first remove all of the metal hardware from the surfaces so that we can clean underneath it where residues can get trapped.

Lighting fixtures are another structural component that also requires cleaning. We usually remove lighting fixtures and clean them while we are cleaning your ceilings. Fixtures like chandeliers often require special care, which can include hand cleaning or steaming.

It is also possible that smoke residues can find their way into your attic. Attics can often present challenges to the restorer because the surfaces usually contain unfinished wood with irregularly shaped surfaces. Attics can also contain insulation, which can be very difficult to clean.
If smoke residues exist inside your home after something burns, call SERVPRO of West Pensacola at (850) 469-1160 24 hours a day. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

We Have The Experience And Equipment Necessary To Restore Your Pensacola Business After A Flood

1/16/2020 (Permalink)

A stack of our dryers against a wall We are equipped with state-of-the-art dryers and air movers to restore your business as quickly as possible. Our experts are available 24/7.

Restoring Post-Storm Flooding in Pensacola Hair Salon

Flooding in your Pensacola salon can have disastrous effects on the materials that become exposed to the migrating water. While there are immediate concerns that might exist, including temporarily repairing roof damages or structural vulnerabilities, standing water against any surface can eventually do it harm. Vinyl tiles, for example, might not be immediately susceptible to water absorption but can warp and distort after prolonged exposure.

Choosing vinyl tile flooring in your salon was a wise choice for its initial surface water resistance, but the material can succumb to flood damage in your Pensacola business. Our SERVPRO professionals must prioritize mitigation tactics like extraction and cleanup to help protect this exposed flooring and the mounted seats in the respective stations for the stylists.

Extraction must be the first step for any standing water that exists on the shop floor of your salon. The longer direct exposure persists, the more irreparable damage it can cause. While vinyl tiles offer a tight seal from one installed unit to the next, the flooring is not impenetrable when owners do not immediately address exposure concerns. Because of its long discharge lines and consistent draw of standing water, our SERVPRO team relies on equipment like our electric sump pumps to begin reducing the water level in the affected area of the shop.

Once the extraction completes, our technicians can get a look at the flood damage to the flooring materials to determine the likelihood of successful restoration. When drying is possible, namely, when no warping or swelling exists around the tile seams, we can lay out drying mats and deploy air movers to remove trapped moisture from the individual tiles and plywood subflooring. If controlled demolition is necessary, we have an in-house team of experienced general contractors to help get you back in business as promptly as possible.  

From the damage that could result to mounted chairs in the stylist stations to the installed vinyl tile flooring on the main shop floor and waiting area, flooding can be a devastating force. Our SERVPRO of West Pensacola professionals have experience and equipment to make these disasters “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (850) 469-1160.

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Pensacola Residents Need Reliable Assistance After Flood Storm Damage

1/8/2020 (Permalink)

Home in flood water Pensacola SERVPRO is quick to get your flood damage under control.

You should always have a plan for the possibility of a flood in your Pensacola home

As devastating as Pensacola’s seasonal storms and their aftermaths can be, falling prey to unscrupulous contractors who promise what they do not deliver, make an already stressful situation even more dire. In addition, if you spend some of a year at another residence or on business or leisure travels, you might not be at your home when stormy weather approaches. Unplanned long-distance management of disasters or settling for subpar service is not the answer.

Partner with a Leader in the Storm and Flooding Restoration Business

The risk of flood or storm damage in Pensacola cannot be ignored. Our location on the Gulf frequently puts us in or near the path of tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes. Our primary concentrations as a disaster recovery company are storms, floods, and water damage events. Leverage our training and experience to ensure that your residence gets the mitigation and remediation services needed after a weather-related loss.

Prepare with Our Emergency Ready Plan (ERP)

Contact us for an assessment long before severe storms brew. SERVPRO works with you to create an individualized plan condensed into a concise digital file. We dispatch an experienced project manager to assess your property, sketching out a specific blueprint of your home, and noting where the utility shut-offs are located. As we anticipate areas where your property might be vulnerable to storm and flood damage, we make practical suggestions you can follow to limit potential damage to your contents and structure.

Complete the Circle with Your Emergency Ready Profile

Use our mobile app to share details about your home and your priorities if storm or flood damage strikes. You can list the contractors or vendors who helped build or remodel spaces so we can reach out during restoration if necessary. A feature that is particularly helpful if you plan to be away during storm season is the ability to clarify that SERVPRO is your preferred storm disaster restorer. You can also designate trusted individuals, family or otherwise, to make decisions for recovery if you are unavailable for any reason. Because speed is fundamental when we respond to a flooding scenario, it is crucial to avoid delay in any way we can for the best outcome.

Have the peace of mind that comes with working with our full-service disaster restoration company, putting together a plan before a crisis. Contact SERVPRO of West Pensacola at (850) 469-1160 to start building your ERP today.

Contractor Licenses:

Mold Remediation: MRSR 2768

Biohazard: 17-64-1560497

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When a Pack-Out is Necessary Due to Fire Damage in Perdido Key

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

A melted fan sitting on the floor covered with soot and fire damage. Your Perdido keys home is going to need a lot of work after a fire damage, let us help.

Fire damage in Perdido Key will need SERVPROs assistance.

Many of the fire damage sites that SERVPRO works on only have charring and damage in a portion of the home. The techs use different methods to stop the rest of the house and furnishings from taking on smoke odors.

During a fire damage mitigation in Perdido Key, containment using either plastic barriers or in some cases, negative air chambers to keep soot from spreading throughout the home. This stops the potential for cross-contamination to areas of the house currently unaffected by coot and smoke damage. 


The technicians at SERVPRO undergo extensive training and come to each job to save the homeowner as much loss as possible through their learned restoration methods. They also have a diverse array of equipment for specialized cleaning and drying processes to give each loss site the best outcome.

When Containment is Not Enough

In some cases, putting up barriers during mitigation of fire loss is not enough. In those situations, a pack-out is often the best course of action to minimize damage. The technicians perform this task in a very organized fashion and photograph and note the location and condition of each item removed. So when the cleanup efforts complete, each piece can return to the exact spot where they removed it.

Smoke Damage and Odor Control

After a fire, the smoke residues and soot require removal from surfaces through careful hand-cleaning. Running an air scrubber fitted with HEPA filtration is another common during fire loss mitigation to keep airborne soot particles to a minimum.

Ductwork Inspection

Because soot travels through the air so readily, if the HVAC was running post-fire, there is an excellent chance the ductwork may require inspection and cleaning to render it smoke-odor free. SERVPRO technicians complete any needed ductwork cleaning before returning the packed-out items into the residence. 

SERVPRO of West Pensacola at (850) 469-1160 turns around fire damage in homes quickly with their experience and equipment to make the fire loss "Like it never even happened."

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Are You Making Fire Damage Remediation Mistakes in Perdido Key?

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

extensive smoke coming off burned dinner Cooking accidents happen often but the foul odors can remain for a long time.  Contact SERVPRO for efficient remediation services.

Fire Damage Deodorization In Perdido Key Often Requires Combining Multiple Techniques

One day you could have an accident while cooking inside your Perdido Key home where nothing ignites to the point where there are flames but items inside your house smolder and cause them to smoke. Smoke consists of partially combusted particles that can flow throughout a building and cause fire damage in rooms of your residence that were far away from the source. These partially burnt substances can leave behind soot residues and malodor particles.

During some fire damage projects in Perdido Key, pungent aromas go away after all burnt materials and soot residues have been cleaned off and disposed of. In cases where you can still smell smoke inside your home after removing soils and charred items, a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO can utilize other techniques, equipment, and chemical deodorants to eliminate malodor particles and make your house smell, "Like it never even happened." Most methods require the application of chemical products that eliminate unpleasant aromas by masking them with a better smell or by chemically pairing with the malodor molecules and neutralizing them. Many industrial deodorants contain a formula of both masking and pairing agents, so that pleasant odors cover up the aroma of any malodor particles that did not get chemically neutralized by the pairing chemicals.

Since smoke can have different properties depending on what fuels get burned, it is possible that your house got affected by several different types of smoke and soot residues. For example, smoke coming from something like burnt plastic will adhere to surfaces differently than smoke created by cigarettes. The various forms of these gaseous, partially combusted particles can also leave behind a variety of foul odors.

Our SERVPRO technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification or IICRC program and are trained in the various mitigation techniques for the different malodor sources that could exist in your building. However, figuring out and implementing which technique will work the best for each individual affected item would be time-consuming to diagnose and execute. Therefore, we usually combine several deodorization methods at the same time in hopes of eliminating all of the various kinds of malodor particles present after the blaze took its toll on your property.

If at first, we find that our deodorization procedures were not 100% effective, then we continue using other chemicals and application techniques until the foul odors are completely gone. If your property ever gets negatively affected by smoke, call SERVPRO of West Pensacola at (850) 469-1160 24/7 because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Effectively Drying Hardwood Flooring in Pensacola Condos

12/18/2019 (Permalink)

A kitchen with hardwood flooring with toys on the floor. SERVPRO knows how your Pensacola hardwood flooring can be damaged in a flood.

Let SERVPRO explain why your Pensacola hardwood needs drying after a flood damage.

After flooding that leaves stormwater coming to rest on the floors of your Pensacola home, you only have a finite amount of time before saturation and deterioration begin. Hardwood is particularly sensitive to moisture absorption, and it does not take long for surface moisture to get pulled into the planks. Effective extraction and drying of this material require multiple specialty drying tools and techniques employed by our experienced water restoration technicians within this limited window.

There are multiple scenarios in which the bulk of water removal from flood damage in Pensacola homes can happen with towels and a mop. This direct absorption from these tools can reduce the surface moisture, but rarely removes it entirely. Apart from this traditional approach, our SERVPRO team can utilize specialty extraction attachments and wet-vacuums or only use the wet-vac directly on the damaged areas for immediate removal. These potential water removal solutions do not eliminate all of the surface moisture, however.

Not only does some lingering surface moisture exist, but for exposure that has lasted longer than a day, free moisture absorbed into the wood planks is another factor to consider. Drying these areas can be a challenge with conventional air movers and dehumidification options we might use elsewhere in the house. Instead, our SERVPRO team can install drying mats connected to portable extractors. Depending on the severity of the situation, multiple mats can get used simultaneously.

Tenting with lay-flat poly sheeting can regulate the moisture removal process over these specific damaged areas. When it is probable that hardwood can get protected and stay installed, our professionals must regulate moisture removal to ensure that the planks do not become overly dried. Continual monitoring and documentation of the drying process can ensure that the mats get pulled up when the optimal moisture content levels have been reached.

Extraction and drying of hardwood flooring within the first 48 hours can often protect these flooring options from demolition and reconstruction. Our SERVPRO of West Pensacola team can utilize our state-of-the-art equipment to return your property to preloss condition quickly. Give us a call today at (850) 469-1160.

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We Have The Most Effective Techniques To Restore Your Pensacola Home

12/3/2019 (Permalink)

Three high efficiency air movers drying the hard wood floors in this home Our experts arrived quickly and began the restoration process to restore this home to pre-damage condition.

Water Damage In Pensacola Could Cause Problems With Your Furnishings

One day everything could be fine at your Pensacola residence, then you wake up the next day to find that your refrigerator's ice machine has malfunctioned and spilled water all over your house. When leaks go unnoticed for a long time, moisture can quickly spread and cause water damage inside your kitchen and other rooms next to it, like your living room or dining area. Once carpets get saturated, your furniture can get negatively affected.

Whenever we work towards restoring water damage inside your Pensacola home, our SERVPRO team starts by testing for moisture and looking for visible issues. Before we start any restoration procedures, we test items in the affected room like your drywall and upholstered furniture. Once we determine exactly what got wet, we can then formulate the best plan to quickly remove moisture from your contents and building materials.

If our SERVPRO technicians find that furniture like your couch or recliner chair got wet, we can take steps to extract and dry out the items to prevent problems from occurring. Moisture most often causes the following four problems with any of your upholstered furniture items such as your couch.

1.  Swelling

Most couches and other upholstered furniture are made up of wooden frames that can swell when they get wet. Once parts of the frame on your furniture swells joints can weaken, which can affect your furniture's structural integrity.

2.  Water Spotting

Some materials can get stained by water damage and show visible water spots. In some cases, we can remove these by wetting the entire piece of furniture.

3.  Color Bleeding

Dust covers on furniture can sometimes bleed colors when wet and cause discoloration on other parts of the furniture or your floor. Metal buttons can also rust and cause rust staining on fabrics.

4.  Mildew Growth

Since most furniture is made with organic substances like wood, mold and mildew can grow if the item is not dried out quickly.

Many of our techniques can help reduce problems that could ruin your furniture. If your couch ever gets wet after a water leak, call SERVPRO of West Pensacola at (850) 469-1160 24/7. Once we are finished, we will restore your home to the way it was before the leak occurred and make it seem, "Like it never even happened."

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Could You Be Making a Mistake When Dealing With Flood Damage in Pensacola?

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

flooded residential area with high water sign Homes in our Florida area get flooded sometimes. Contact SERVPRO for your water removal needs.

Removing Flood Damage from a Pensacola Beachfront Rental Home

Florida has three times the number of homes vulnerable to flooding compared to most other states in the continental US, and homeowners know to be prepared for the risks. However, even with extensive preparation, flooding happens and can cost as much as $20,000 to repair the damage caused by one inch of standing water. However, homeowners do not have to handle the cleaning process alone. 

If you need fast-acting cleanup services after flood damage to your Pensacola beachfront residence, SERVPRO technicians are available 24/7 to restore your home. These professionals also possess contractor licenses for biohazards (#17-64-1560497) and mold remediation (#MRSR 2768), so you get more than just a deep clean. SERVPRO focuses on maximizing safety for homeowners and renters while ensuring that their restoration is done per building codes and insurance policies. 

SERVPRO Education Saves Homes

Both SERVPRO technicians and franchise owners are required to receive extensive education on disaster cleanup as well as the theory behind water and fire-related disasters. Technicians also have access to continual online education to hone their ability to serve homeowners. Credit and noncredit courses are also available for staff, insurance agents and adjusters, and real estate professionals. You can find courses such as: 

  • Water & Fire Damage Restoration
  • Restorative Drying for Loss Control
  • Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry
  • Mitigation Awareness Response Seminar

This team cares about educating professionals so that they can aid homeowners in getting the services they need while preserving their possessions and structures as much as possible. 

How SERVPRO Can Help

If flood water has accumulated in your kitchen, SERVPRO can use sump pumps and back-mounted extraction equipment to remove any remaining standing water. Cabinetry and fixtures are examined thoroughly for moisture, and extraction is just as comprehensive. Before air movers and dehumidifiers are implemented, technicians can use a variety of disinfection methods to clean your space. Tile flooring may be sprayed down with industrial-grade, EPA-registered antimicrobials. Sheetrock or drywall may need flood cuts to facilitate drying of the interior layers of the walls, which can quickly absorb water if the composition includes materials like gypsum and cardboard.  

SERVPRO of West Pensacola can ensure your property looks, "Like it never even happened." If you need reliable disaster cleanup, call (850) 469-1160 today.

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