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Whom Do I Call to Remove Water from My Office?

4/5/2020 (Permalink)

three SERVPRO techs in PPE drying offices SERVPRO Green Fleet At a Commercial Water Loss Site in Pensacola--On the Job!

SERVPRO Says--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster--Call Them!

SERVPRO professionals have practical tools and efficient solutions for removing water and drying structural elements in your Pensacola office to get you back in business quickly.

Water Removal Emergency?

With substantial water loss situations that can affect your Pensacola office building, multiple threats exist from the impact to the staff to the damage to your equipment and records. How you respond to these emergencies can be the difference in how much restoration costs and how long the recovery efforts take. With all that you have at stake and the impact that such an emergency can have on your customers and clients as well, many choose to reach out to our experienced team as soon as disasters occur.

How Bad Is the Water Damage?

  • First Notice of Loss
  • Initial Job Scoping
  • Real-Time Drying Decisions

Understanding the severity and pressing needs for services like water removal to Pensacola offices begins with the initial phone call that you make to our emergency line. This staffed response line allows you to speak with a real person about the disaster and what areas of your business have become affected. During this first notice of loss (FNOL), representatives from our SERVPRO team acquire as much information as possible to direct our emergency response team to the tools, devices, and necessary personnel to address the situation your office faces.

While we can gather considerable helpful information in the initial conversations with the client before we arrive to begin vital mitigation efforts, job scoping is still one of the most critical aspects of the restoration process. Here, our project manager and crew chief can determine the best methods to protect the rest of your building and most efficiently manage the current situation to dry and restore the office spaces as soon as possible.

Hundreds of on-site drying decisions make up the mitigation process. While extraction and drying are the heart of restoration in these earliest stages, our technicians must catalog total losses and determine which materials, contents, documents, and furniture might not be salvageable by our techniques. Unsalvageable materials get discarded to prevent them from affecting other areas of the office while restoration gets underway.

What is Content Management, and Why Does SERVPRO Do It?

  • Protect Important Documents
  • Prevent Irreparable Damage to Furniture and Equipment
  • Keep You in Business Through the Restoration

Content management is a component of water restoration for Pensacola office buildings that focuses on the good that our responding technicians can do for loose items and documents in the damaged space. Protecting essential documents and records stored in cabinets throughout the building is often one of the most critical processes of our response to offices, as hard copies contain sensitive details regarding customers and clients and a history of the actions your firm has taken in recent years. Even with freeze-drying capabilities with our SERVPRO response, the most significant successes in protecting documentation involve removing paperwork from the damaged areas.

Protecting your equipment and furniture is another important step in content management. These items are often a substantial investment that your company has made, so allowing water loss incidents to ruin these contents can be in many ways costlier than the expense of restoration. Relocating these items to another area of the building can help to reduce the exposure while drying and cleanup get underway.

It is always our priority to keep you in business throughout the restoration process, and content management is one of the solutions to provide this outcome. By relocating vital equipment and furniture, you can continue your normal functionality of the office in a limited capacity.

What Are Some of the Tools Used in Effective Extraction?

  • Submersible Pumps
  • Wet-Vacuums
  • Carpet Wands

Water losses can be damaging to contents and structural elements throughout your Pensacola office building, so addressing the surface water quickly is vital to restoring your business. Submersible pumps are not always necessary when our SERVPRO team arrives quickly at the first notice of the damage, but when significant pooling occurs, electric submersible pumps can move high volumes of water quickly from the damaged areas.

Wet vacuums are often the star of extraction when substantial surface water might not be a concern. In situations where standing water is less than two inches, this versatile and mobile solution can provide powerful suction to remove pockets of pooled water for more efficient and effective drying to follow.

Because your office likely features short-pile carpeting, our SERVPRO team needs to arrive with solutions to address the saturation of this material as well. Wet carpets can deteriorate and mold when they are not dried out promptly, so this process begins with the extraction of trapped water caught in the fibers. Carpet wands can help to remove the majority of this water from the surface layer and padding underneath it.

What Happens Once We Remove the Surface Water?

  • Evaporative Drying
  • Floating Carpets
  • Move-Back

Once extraction has taken place in your office building, our professionals can move immediately towards the evaporative drying needs of the structure. Efficient and effective drying practices can protect your Pensacola business, its contents, and reduce the need for you to suspend your services until restoration completes. In most cases, the heart of drying falls on the capable shoulders of equipment like our air movers and dehumidifiers.

Low profile centrifugal air movers can help in processes like floating carpets, which can be a vital restoration component when replacing flooring is not necessary. The floating process positions an air mover between the carpet and padding layers to force heated air through both of these saturated layers and maximize the evaporation in these damaged areas.

Once the area has gotten dried and cleaned thoroughly following a water loss incident, we can focus on returning removed belongings to the previously damaged areas. This added measure ensures that we can leave a job more “Like it never even happened.”

There are many considerations when water loss incidents occur in your area office building. Our SERVPRO of West Pensacola team can help you overcome these threats and damages with a prompt response with experienced professionals. Give us a call anytime at (850) 469-1160.

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